Online Admission System

Online Admission System

Starting a new academic year is challenging and tedious for the school staff. The management has to work all day to ensure each new admission or re-admission is correctly entered into the system. But no need to worry now; admission will no longer be a hassle with our recently launched admission management software. 

Acadmin admission management software is developed for schools that often struggle with admission requests. If you are worried about the errors or the tedious process of admitting each student to the school, try our online admission management solution.

The solution is integrated with the payment gateway, which streamlines the transactions and makes it easier for applicants to transfer fees within the system. The process is incredibly convenient for parents who don’t have time to wait in long queues for their kid’s admission.

It saves you the hassle of manually managing each record, especially when you receive a massive number of applications. The cloud-based solution allows schools to authorise people who can access the admission data. It prevents third-party access to sensitive information, protecting your database and offering the best level of security. 

This feature-packed admission management system is designed for all sizes of educational institutions — be it a high school or a college. Here are a few valuable features that will make your experience with our tool exciting.

Our Key Features