Library Management System

Library Management System

ACADMiN’s Library Management System Software is a complete and compact package, which is designed and developed to provide a refined and the best solution which aims at bringing Quality to the Management of books, journals, articles, newspapers, charts, reports, etc. The system focuses on excellent coordination between Library and students making the e-library management system “A Success”. Our Library ERP provides online integrated information of Students to the Library administrators, thus enabling smooth connectivity with powerful security and privacy features.

Our software provides Library Management Modules that help in recording and tracking information in a very easy and secure way, reducing errors. Our software can be installed on both the Library’s internal server and the web server for use by multiple users.

ACADMIN’s flexibility allows it to fit into any type of administration and is appropriate for all types of libraries, whether small or large. The software is adaptable and can be changed to meet the needs of the Library. This software connects not only the Library and the Students, but also all of the student records related to book issuance and return, as well as all types of records.

Multi-Library Management.

The organization can manage multiple libraries in a single software. The interface of Library Management Software is so easy to use. The entire library data can be managed smoothly.

Issue, Return And Reserve The Books.

The librarian can easily Issue, Return and Reserve the books for students, also can take the penalty for return due from students and teachers.

Barcode Integration

Barcode is integrated with Library Management Software to import the data of all the books in bulk, It helps in book issue and return process by just scanning the barcode.

Benefits Of Library Management System

Availability Of Book Online

Students can check the availability of book online in mobile application, they can check the status of book such as Available, Borrowed, and Reserved.

Take The Penalty Of Book

School can manage the penalty charges for books due for return, also alert can be sent to parents for reminder.

Attendance In Library

Attendance can be taken in the Library Management Software for students, class-wise and division-wise. According to the lectures for particular class, In and Out time can be maintained.

Data can be managed on cloud efficiently.

Reduce Manual intervention and steer clear of the human errors

Data can be accessed in mobile application

Auto data import with Barcode Scanning.

Saves time for manual work for data-entry.

Alert can be shared to parent for book return due.

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