NAAC Management System

NAAC Management System

ACADMiN’s ERP software provides comprehensive NAAC Accreditation Management Software to assist higher education institutions in strategic assessment, tracking of learning outcomes, feedback, and the generation of accurate institutional SSR reports required for accreditation. The NAAC module collects, manages, and analyses all year-to-year institutional data in chronological order to ensure accuracy and compliance with NAAC accreditation standards. The software architecture adheres to the SSR theme in terms of terminologies and sequences. Furthermore, it enables stakeholders to enter extra information or data regarding events, alumni activities, seminars, or any certificate courses, thereby improving their performance during NAAC A&A.

Data is stored on highly secure cloud servers that adhere to the parameters of the Government of India’s GI cloud – Meghraj Policy, ensuring data security with multiple data backups and zero data losses. SSR reports can be downloaded by institutions at any time. As a result, it encourages higher education institutions to improve their work processes and achieve academic excellence by providing quick data analysis, accurate SSR report generation, and data security and privacy.

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